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Find way's to fall in love with your Curl's

Welcome to our Curl Chat Blog (Curl up and Dye)

Firstly, someone pinch me? Is this even real? A blog created by me.. This is something I've always dreamed of and because of you reading this, it's become possible! You have completely changed my life and for that I'm forever grateful!

Where do I begin, okay well I probably should introduce myself, Hey I'm Callum, also Known as Hairkingcallum for my love for curls and colour.. and food, good vibes, dancing, singing, culture, self love and peace!

Now your probably wondering what to expect from this blog and my vision, my goal to be completely honest is to carry on growing a safe space for us to come together, share our problems, become a community that is so much more than just hair! We should all come together as one that's what's so beautiful about the world we live in!

We are alway's faced with challenges around the world, so to create a space where we can have a laugh, feel safe and become one is so powerful to me!

Yes by trade I'm Just a hairstylist but my heart and soul will always be so much more than that! Mental health is so important to me, a couple months ago I nearly lost my life quite literally.. Due to extreme low potassium in my blood my organs started to shut down! I'm so grateful I wasn't alone or asleep else I wouldn't be here. The power that your mind can have fascinates me so much. We are very much aware that mental health issues are real however I feel they aren't taken seriously.. Since opening my salon I've opened up not only to myself but to my guests in the chair and they've opened to to me aswell! This has given me and my business ventures such a head start to be the change the world needs to see!

I'm by no means a therapist however isn't a problem spoken a problem halved! We should be coming together as a community to help lift each other up no matter where we come from.. The world changes when we change with it.. Be the change we all want to see and you'll see a change happen around you.

I'm so grateful to have you here on this journey with me, I'm so excited to see this journey become something magical because it will! That's for sure!

BE KIND, CREATE YOURSELF - The only words I live by..

Now I've never signed off on a blog, what do you say? Have a bliss fucking day? Seems I could get down with that aha.. Ask yourself one question today.. When did you last put yourself first in a situation that you didn't want to be in.. Let this week be that time.. You are worth every breath! Never doubt yourself!

I'd love for you to be apart of this community, leave a comment let me know what you'd like to see and sign up to our little safe space.. so grateful for you all! Thank y0u for being you! Callum x

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